How to write effective posts for Facebook

April 1, 2016
Going through the process of updating the Domin8 Designs website, I found a useful article around what makes Facebook posts effective and engaging - and thought I'd share it here.

I find myself, and hear often, that the challenges faced by most organisations and business in posting to Facebook are: 1) what sort of content do I post, and B) what are some best practice guidelines around posting?. Alternatively, we write whatever comes to mind and post it anyway, which is okay - however, we always encourage making a positive and engaging experience for those that follow your pages, which is where I've found the tips provided by Facebook are really handy.  

I've taken on board the primary ones that relate, and also shared my own below.

How to write effective posts for Facebook

Keep it short -

As the article says, if we think about how we use Facebook, more often than not it's flicking through at a rapid rate. I'm guilty of long posts myself every so often, but for the most part find myself rewording and structuring them to ensure I'm making a point and that sentences are bit sized. This also leads into my second point really well.

Make them engaging -

Unless it's a controversial statement or you want to take the minimal approach, just writing one line and hitting 'post' isn't often what will engage viewers. I often think, "if I was scrolling through Facebook, what would make me stop and read this - would this post I'm about to publish catch my eye?".

Do something a little different also. I love providing some further insight with a post - a quick comment from someone involved, why the link you're sharing is relevant for your organisations etc.

How to write effective posts for Facebook

Use quality images and content -

Linking in with the previous point, we want to ensure that the content we share matches the image and theme of our website and business. The multimedia we share has to also be engaging, and of quality also - this doesn't mean hiring a professional photographer or videographer by any means (although I can recommend Domin8 Designs for either of those when this is required!) but consider what you're about to post.

Post consistently, but don't over do it -

Once you're established and have a functioning website - it's important to post consistently. People follow you for a reason, because they want to see your posts, not just like a static page. People regularly ask how often should you post on Facebook? Generally, 2-3 times a week is okay in my books; but this doesn't mean posting for posting's sake.

I look at it like TV Shows, "The Mole" vs Big Brother - we were engaged by both when they came out, however due to overload, everyone is over Big Brother, but would no doubt rally behind a new screening of the hit show "The Mole" because it wasn't over done.

You can check out the rest of Facebook's suggestions in the link.

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