Online Store FAQ

Find the answers to how our orders work or some more of your general questions answered.

Q: How does the online store work?

Through the Domin8 Designs store, we aim to find a balance between expensive design assets and the hassle of having to create or source these yourself.

For most of the designs on our store, we input information or tailor the end product to suit your needs or specification.

  1. Purchase an item through our online store;
  2. You'll receive a confirmation order, and so will we;
  3. Domin8 Designs will follow up requesting the required information, or you can send this through to
  4. You'll receive a design proof and discuss any final changes;
  5. We will then issue you the final design with your information or changes.

Q: Can I re-sell the design once purchased?

Reselling either the original or finished product from the Domin8 Designs store isn't allowed, as per our license terms.

Q: How long does it take to turn around a design once purchased?

For the most designs, it will take 1-2 days to turn around the finished product - however this often depends on how many changes are required.

As an example, an icon set with no changes can be delivered within an hour or two, where as wedding invitations usually take a little longer.

We'll always aim to communicate with clients if things look to take a little longer.

Q: Can I change the final design after it has been issued?

Good question. As with all our services, we like to be as flexible as possible.

If there are any minor changes, we'll happily discuss doing these.

Significant changes and those not listed on the store page will incur an additional cost.

Q: Do you provide the working file so I can make changes myself?

For the most part, we don't issue the working file beyond purchase.

We offer our products through a non-exclusive license, however can always discuss providing these exclusively (i.e. for your use only).

The above, along with providing a working file, can be discussed by contacting us.

Q: I've decided I no longer want a purchase - how do refunds work?

We always aim to work with customers around their purchases, so please contact us first - however our refund policy can be found in the footer of our website.

Have any other questions?

We'll constantly add to this page as further questions arise, however if you wanted to ask something or receive further information - don't hesitate to contact us.

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