The BEST rain jacket to travel with!

Saturday, July 14, 2018

I can't say I wasn't expecting it....

However, I was slightly disappointed when most of our two weeks in London were washed out with drizzly weather. 

I'm from Tasmania. If I wanted this weather, I would've stayed home.

In 2017, as a group of five, we headed over for the IAAF World Athletics Championships followed by four weeks exploring the sights and sounds that a European summer had to offer.

As a big fan of Huckberry, the K-Way Claude 3.0 jacket had cross my path before but was more a want than a need.

The BEST rain jacket to travel with!

I was trying to not buy a lot before the trip, but I lashed out and bought the jacket because I just didn't have one that wasn't either too heavy or not water-proof.

Buyer's remorse, yes.

Disappointment... zero.

Despite being a comfortable, lightweight, water-proof and great looking jacket, its ability to be packed so easily - crucial when travelling - was incredible.

The BEST rain jacket to travel with!

The best thing about the jacket is that the pocket is the bag - the entire thing rolls up into its own satchel and can be easily carried around or stored in a neater, smaller space.

Much like Hobart, when the London weather regularly changed from that crisp sun to persistent rain - the K-Way Jacket was always at hand.

I'd highly recommend it for anyone looking for a lightweight, easily carried travel jacket.

I bought the jacket from Huckberry, which seems to be on sale again at the moment. All the same, do your research and I'm sure you can get your hands on one for a great deal.

- D.

Dom taking a photo of the London Bridge in the jacket

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