June 13, 2017

Drone Footage from a trip to Bruny Island

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Drone Footage from a trip to Bruny Island

Escaping to Bruny Island is always a time to enjoy some rest and relaxation.

Whether it's the road trip south, the countless cups of (Bushells) tea or the setting itself, the distance between the hustle and bustle of the 'mainland' is always welcome.

This trip was an opportunity to catch up on some work without the distractions, as well as spend some overdue time with my grandparents. Despite the constant changing of the weather, it also provided a chanceto show Pop the drone in action.

Drone Footage from a trip to Bruny Island

I've been testing out some new settings and trying to use the drone to capture sequences of footage - as opposed to flying around somewhat randomly. 

Adventure Bay on the first days of winter, as the sun broke through the rain clouds, was a chance to test things out and show Pop and a few locals how 'specky' the drone is. 

"Wow it's up high isn't it", said one of the neighbours as the drone hovered around 60m above take off position - me knowing that we could continue to push things a little higher to impress.

Drone Footage from a trip to Bruny Island

Although not the best conditions, I think the footage is okay for a relatively rushed effort. 

There are some long, steady sequences which I'm learning to control better in order to create some more spectacular shots. What I believe helps is the patience and practice to produce controlled movement and considering filming.

The slow panning of the rocks in Quiet Corner that then pivots around to capture the expanse of Adventure Bay is one of my favourites yet, along with the zooming up and out from the corner. 

You can check out the quick video I made from some of the footage in the player below.

The popular walking spot, Quiet Corner, from above. A different perspective of Quiet Corner.

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