April 19, 2016

Car Shoot with REAPER

Photography and Video
Car Shoot with REAPER

It's hard to pick the weather at the moment, where we go from absolute rippers to day long down pours within 24hrs. This week however, provided an opportunity to get out and about after touting a shoot with Jacob since we caught up during the Tasmanian Christmas Carnivals.

Car Shoot with REAPER

The result of the video shoot of REAPER was really rewarding, and the location of around the Queens Domain in Hobart - already scuffed with skid marks and indents - turned out to be a great backdrop.  

Car Shoot with REAPER

I did a quick videography edit for JD which he threw up on his Instagram, as I did a few days later. Both were received really well, and despite the more aggressive nature of the shoot - I've had a few people contact me for some further work which is something I really enjoy doing and creating a different, unique result based on the setting, focus and personality of each subject.

top down shot above car

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