New directions for Domin8 Designs

After some consultation, we've changed the direction of our website designs to better promote our services and make it easier for potential clients.

Dom here - it's been a while since the last post!

This is a small update to let our clients (both existing and upcoming) know that we're undergoing a change in the way we offer our website design services.

We've been really busy over at Domin8 Media - including events like the FECCA Conference and filming feature videos with Chartered Accountants and the Royal Hobart Hospital Research Foundation.

From a Domin8 Designs perspective, we've just completed a logo design for a new business, as well as the Athletics South website which was launched last week.

What's the change?

Previously, we structured our website design services as either "New Website Design" or "Existing Website Updates".

image showing previous setup

While this setup was good because it ticked off broad groups of visitors, it wasn't overly specific in terms of the services we offered, what the costs were etc. etc.

It was just too wide to provide necessary information, and resulted in additional emails or a higher bounce rate (visitors not engaging further).

So we tested - and learnt a lesson

Over at Domin8 Media we used a different arrangement to structure the services.

Instead of over acrching groups, we listed our services by what category they're useful for.

The great example of this is our "Social Media Videography" - where we can really target those after a specific type of video.

This was really beneficial in terms of providing tailored information around the types of videos, what's included, what the process usually looks like, as well as costs.

This decision has been a success, coupled with the call to action form, as we've seen an unprecedented increase in form submissions through the Domin8 Media website.

We're now going to do the same with Domin8 Designs.

A stronger focus on websites for types

diagram of the new domin8 designs setup

Our new setup allows for us to provide more relevant information to specific visitors and their industries.

From an SEO point of view, as well as online advertising, it enables us to target and offer services to specific areas rather than broad groups.

The above 'sub categories' are just the first instance, with more on the way soon based on our research.

The new pages also follow a defined structure and flow: entice the visitor through the key heading - provide simple dot points - relevant examples - key information - free quote.

image showing structure

A better indication on pricing

Pricing website design is always tough, and many design firms prefer to hide these costs for a variety of reasons.

We still stand by the notion that it's difficult to give a 'definite' price-per-website - each has different specifications and requirements.

However, our aim has always been to enable Tasmanian businesses, organisations or causes to have a successful online presence - and a key hurdle that constantly appeared was the cost of our website design.

We've developed a series of 'packages', under each new heading, to address this.

While these are indicative, it breaks down a barrier many visitors face.

From a business point of view, we've got nothing to hide around our pricing and continue to work with clients to deliver great outcomes.

We hope that displaying the notional costs will also entice more potential clients to work with Domin8 Designs to improve their online presence.

If nothing else, this change gives visitors a clear expectation of what they'll get from the various price ranges.

In conclusion

You can view our new pages under the "SERVICES" menu at the top of the website.

We're excited to see if and how these changes translate the services and awareness of Domin8 Designs.

While it seems everyone is incredibly busy at the moment, however we've got a few exciting announcements and projects in the pipework, so stay tuned.

As always, thanks for your ongoing support of a local Tassie business.

- Dom

New directions for Domin8 Designs
New directions for Domin8 Designs

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