The Emerald Princess

Friday, December 16, 2016

This post is in a way sponsored by the 3rd Grade Women hockey team I coached this year, who were kind enough to present me with a gift voucher following the season.

With it, I bought an ND (Natural Density) filter - in my terms, a dark film for the camera to enable longer shutter speeds and a different perspective during the day time.

The Emerald Princess

With the majestic Emerald Princess in town, I seized a quick opportunity to zip down to the Hobart waterfront en route to work on Friday to capture some moments through the lens. The mass of visitors disembarking the ship set up some great shots and some even better conversations about what I was doing.

Many a people were also found dodging the line of sight to not interrupt each shot, but were warmly welcomed to provide movement and context.

The Emerald Princess

It's been great experimenting with the new equipment, and forgetting the tripod provided an opportunity to get low to the ground and provide a lower view on things. Not being a swanky photographer, it's nice to add another tool to the arsenal to be able to use when the situation requires it.

The cruise shop docked in at Hobart as a sailing boat passes by. Toursits wander down the main dock.

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