An update from Europe #1

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Where to begin?

"Are you excited for your trip?" comes up a lot in the build up.

I was, definitely, but the lead up was intense trying to get as much work done as possible. It was worth it though, as sitting here in Paris seeing the videos, new logos and websites pop up over the past month has been very rewarding.

We (myself and four other mates) started our journey in London for two weeks of the IAAF World Athletics Championships -  an inspirational experience highlighted by Mo Farah's gold in the 10,000m. This was in front of his home crowd, who were close to tearing the stadium down.

London also provided the opportunity to tick off a lot of tourist boxes - a trip on the London Eye, champagne on the viewing platform of the Shard, London and Tower Bridge, as well as experiencing the food and culture. A particular memory will be the countless trips of jumping on the push-bikes for £2 and skirting around London like a local - this was such an affordable and fun experience.

An update from Europe #1

Despite the great experiences, a bit of a let down is that the weather has been very Hobart like.

Short bursts of sun are suddenly shattered with persistent, drizzly rain that saw us pack our rain jackets as a first priority every day. This didn't dampen the mood however, as it was a great two weeks.

Once the athletics was over, following the touching experience of farewelling Usain Bolt in his final competition, Amsterdam was calling.

Despite its reputation, the culture and atmosphere in Amsterdam was refreshing. A walking tour with a great tour guide will be a lasting memory, with (treading carefully in what I say here....) the opportunity to learn about the different beliefs and attitudes to those we have back home.

The rain unfortunately followed us here, but with my trusty Claude 3.0 rain jacket from Huckberry (now a must have for travel,, there were ample opportunities to explore the architecture and engineering of the buildings and canals of Amsterdam.

An update from Europe #1

Our first experiences of the train network throughout Europe was the transit from Amsterdam to Paris.

Hopping off the train instantly revealed how a considered scale and finesse of the streetscapes creates a place of romance and beauty. Once settled (having done the same in London), a hop on-hop off bus tour was our first priority for Paris; and included visits to the Louvre, Arc de Triomphe and of course the Eiffel Tower.

Thankfully, we caught glimpses of sun - great for both exploring, photography and running - the latter a great way to see a city.

Up next is the long haul to Barcelona, followed by the scenic Nice, Monaco and finally - Italy - where Milan, Venice, Florence and Rome will no doubt provide plenty of comfort and food.

The Eiffel Tower truly lived up to its reputation. The streets of London were stunning.

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