May Roadtrip To Rosevears (feat. the Drone)

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Who doesn't love a road trip? 

I enjoy packing up the gear, and escaping the daily grind to explore a new part of the world.

A work trip to the north of Tasmania saw me hurriedly pack the car, and at the last minute I grabbed the DJI Mavic Pro drone that was sitting in the corner of the office.

It was worth it - the gloomy conditions and a short break in filming allowed me to send it up for a quick flight in a pretty neat area called Rosevears, 20 minutes or so out of Launceston.

The views from Rosevears were spectacular

While nothing quite beats a sunrise or sunset shoot with clear skies and a sweet afternoon shadow, some of the gloomy scenes that Tassie's north produced were great.

Rosevears' green and yellow tones were amazing, mixed in with a diverse waters edge that was almost swamp like.

We're hoping to incorporate some of the footage in a client video to give some further context on place, which will be a great addition to some of the interview and action footage captured.

- D.

The water's edge provided a diverse contrast in colour of road, vegetation and water.
Gloomy conditions made for some awesome scenes.
May Roadtrip To Rosevears (feat. the Drone)
May Roadtrip To Rosevears (feat. the Drone)

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