Get more out of your Instagram bio

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Get more out of your Instagram bio

"To view the latest post, head to the link in our bio"

"Watch the whole thing via the link in our bio"

"To learn more, check out the link in our bio"

Sound familiar? 

These are all common ways that I used to end posts with, in order to help visitors more easily get to relevant content.

If you're like me however - life gets busy, and I often forgot to update the link back to the Domin8 Designs website or relevant information.

While it's not a new feature, I noticed a few bigger profiles using something called Linktree.

homepage screen grab of linktree
I stumbled across a great idea called Linktree.

With Linktree, instead of having one, direct link as your Instagram bio, it enables you to have multiple links to all the content you want your followers to visit. The best bit - these links can be whatever you want.

Using Domin8 Designs as an example, my default is wanting followers to view the Domin8 Designs website homepage, but if I've got a campaign or new project running, I also want visitors to check this out.

Along with trying to raise brand awareness of the Facebook and Youtube page, there's 4-5 potential links that I'd often have to rotate through and constantly maintain.

Enter Linktree.

It's one link - that points to all of these destinations.

It's neat, it's quick, it's customisable and so far I've found it super easy to update.

My guide to Setup and Use LinkTree:

Step 1. Visit Linktree, and hit the large "Sign Up" button on the homepage.

linktree homepage showing to click on green button
Hit the button to sign up to Linktree

Step 2. Login and authorise your respective Instgram account.

instagram asking to authorise linktree
Review the information and if you agree, authorise Linktree. This is necessary to use Linktree.

Step 3. On the next page, select the free plan, or the paid one if you want a bit more out of Linktree.

Step 4. Enter your email address and name for the account, and continue.

Step 5. Let's setup your links - to start, click the large green "+ ADD NEW BUTTON / LINK" button.

directional arrow showing to click new link
Hit the big, green button to add a new link.

Step 6. Input your title and copy and paste (or type) the respective URL/link. Clicking away from the new box, or hitting the enter key, saves this.

arrow pointing to add title and url in linktree area
Input the title and url. Here's a tip: you can copy and paste to ensure accuracy.

Step 7. Repeat the steps above with any relevant links.

Step 8. To implement the Linktree, copy your unique link...

image that shows which link to copy for instagram
Copy your unique Linktree link.

Paste it into your Instagram bio via your phone or computer....

domblog screenshot with linktree link
...and paste it into your Instagram bio.

And that's it! Now when visitors click the link on your bio, they're presented with the navigation options you've setup.

mobile view of linktree links
When setup, visitors can more easily navigate to multiple links.

I've just implemented Linktree on both Domin8 Designs and The DomBlog with great success - particularly having updated a few links to reflect new projects or updates across both sites.

If you're keen to jump on Linktree yourself, you can click here to visit their website and sign up.

Be sure to let me know how you go using Linktree via my Facebook or Instagram, or if you have any unique ways on using it!

- D.

Get more out of your Instagram bio
Get more out of your Instagram bio
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