Top 5 DIY videography tips for businesses

April 3, 2018
Photography and Video

2018 kicked off with a bang for Domin8 Designs.

April is now upon us, and has seen us complete ten videography projects already with another five on the way (including an exciting shoot tomorrow!).

With the importance of using videos to showcase your stories, products and profiles continuing to rise, we thought it was a good opportunity to share some of our top tips; and what better way to do so than in a video itself.

You can check out our video of this blog post below, or continue reading.

Whether you own a DSLR, or just shoot on your phone, we hope the following can help you step up your video game:

1. Develop, and remember, the purpose of your video

Whether it is showcasing a product, or capturing a story, we can often get lost in trying to get every little piece of footage that we forget (or never determine) what the purpose of creating our video is.

Start off with pen and paper (or iPad if you're like us) and list a main purpose that the video should achieve.

From here, come up with a few ideas that will emphasise this purpose. For example, let's say you're selling a product, we immediately think of both showing the product in a quality, professional way - but, also showing the product being used by someone in a romantic or functional way may help further achieve your purpose.

Keep this purpose in mind as you both shoot and develop the video, to ensure everything that you're doing is efficient and on the mark.

2. Combine a range of shots

Quite often, it's a point and shoot approach - but a range of shots can really enhance a project.

What does this mean?

In our example video, we demonstrate how a combination of a) an up-close shot, b) movement and c) wider, central still shots that focus subject, all come together to create a more engaging outcome.

Other examples that we often integrate are using different lenses to get really wide or really narrow footage, top down shots, time lapses and drone footage. Not all of these are achievable with just an iPhone, but think about going beyond the point-and-shoot.

3. Match of play with perspectives

Perspective is important, more than the general notion of 'framing up your shot' or the 'rule of two-thirds'.

In basic terms, think about matching up what the subject or focus does, or is doing, and how you can emphasise this.

One example is our Hobart Hurricanes 2018 Fan Video. What makes this video great is how we've used perspective to give viewer the feeling of being in the stands with the fands.

This is achieved by standing behind some of the members on the hill, or getting up closer, as they do things that all big bash attendees experience - dancing, blowing up the cane stick, crowded on the hill etc. 

Other ways you can use perspective are with movement in the footage, that pairs with movement of the subject help compliment what's being shown.

Again, it's important to keep in mind the purpose of the video when doing this - it's great having unique footage, but if it doesn't pair up with the purpose then it may undermine what you're trying to achieve.

Our consideration to perspective helps viewers get the sense of 'being there' at the 2018 Hobart Hurricanes game.

4. Capture and show interaction

This relates closely to points 2 and 3, however here at Domin8 Designs we often think about how interaction (a hand gesture, blowing up a cane-stick etc.) can again emphasise the emotion we're trying to portray.

Back to our example video, the footage of Samuel raising his paw is great - but the idea of where he wants his food is taken even further by the up-close (i.e. point 2), to the left of screen (point 3) perspective.

A lot of this point revolves around that zoomed in footage, but take a step back before shooting and think about what these moments are, and how you can capture them.

5. Consider duration, rhythm and feel

Our final point is about how duration (the length of the video), rhythm (the 'flow' of the video) and feel (the 'vibe' of the video) can really hit home a video from a quick product demo to a full length feature.

The notion of pairing music to the purpose is one thing you can do to help sell the video. Along with this, making those changes in shots or timings transitions with the music can help create a well-rounded outcome.

Duration is a commonly discussed topic, but again can be narrowed down by developing a good purpose. 

Got an upbeat new product? Perhaps a 30-second, catchy video with a fast pace will help. Inspiring story to tell? A 2-minute video that combines an interview (another great style of shot) with some out-and-about footage may be your best bet.

Our final words...

Videography is certainly here to stay, and we're constantly learning and evolving our own process and technique.

We hope that the tips in the video, or above, can provide a quick list before you begin your next videography project - to help you take your video from good to great.

If you're interested in seeing some of our work, or would like to see more posts like this, we invite you to subscribe to our Youtube channel where we upload all our videography content with some new exciting projects on the way.

Top 5 DIY videography tips for businesses
Top 5 DIY videography tips for businesses

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