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What's included in your website design cost?

The question 'how much does your website design cost?' is a common one asked by clients. We set out to help answer it.

Before answering the question, it's important to note that each website and its specifications are different - and because of this, so is the cost.

Some of the factors that can affect a website design quote can include:

  • the complexity of the website (how many pages, the structure etc.);
  • the scope to design the look and feel of the website;
  • hosting and domain name requirements;
  • who's inputting the bulk of content (the client or Domin8 Designs);
  • who's providing the content, both text, images and video;
  • the backend setup;
  • eCommerce requirements;
  • any other integrations like social media;

The information below is provided as a general outline only to answer a common question you may have.

With that said, let's jump straight in.

1. Website hosting - starts at $350 per year through Webflow

Hosting is the online 'filing cabinet' that stores your websites files and information. Along with the domain name, this is the main, fixed annual cost required to setup and maintain a website.

All websites through Domin8 Designs are hosted through Webflow, and you can read more about why we do this at our blog post why we recommend hosting with Webflow.

The cost for hosting a general website (i.e. not an ecommerce site) is $240USD a year, which is approximately $350AUD.

Now, this may be come across more expensive than other options - but as the other blog post recommends, the benefits are worth it.

There are also more affordable hosting options available for smaller websites and budgets that may not require a content management system.

2. Domain name - approximately $15-25 per year

The domain name is what visitors type in the search bar to find you and is a requirement for each website.

Existing website owners may already have their own domain name, if not, we often use Crazy Domains or Go Daddy to register a new one.

Our backend services then link the domain name, to the 'filing cabinet' of your hosting so visitors can quickly find and load your website.

3. Design Costs

As above, it's tricky to estimate how much the design of a general website costs as there are a fair few variables.

Just some of the tasks included in this cost for Domin8 Designs include:

  • developing a website brief to ensure the design meets both client and visitors goals;
  • the creation of the look and feel of the website;
  • setting up the structure of the website;
  • creating a menu and footer;
  • implementing forms, maps, integrations and social media links;
  • setting up the content management system (CMS) for blog, news, resource areas;
  • inputting content from the client;
  • optimising images and content to be website appropriate;
  • configuring the mobile and tablet views;
  • tweaks and amendments to ensure legibility and an attractive website;
  • quality assurance and adjustments;
  • backend setup, including linking the domain name;

Question: So, what's the overall cost of a 'general website'?  

With the information above in mind, if we imagine a 'general website' as: a homepage with a few content areas, an about page, a contact page and form, and one to two CMS areas (for example, a blog and resources page) - an estimated cost would be around $1,700 - $1,800.

With 12 months of hosting through Webflow, the total would be around $2,100 - $2,200.

This website would be mobile and tablet responsive (i.e. readable on devices), be able to be updated and maintained by the client if required, have the backend setup done, link to social media, and most of the content input - not to mention look great and reflect the client's brand.

Question: I thought a website would cost me over $5,000, why is yours cheaper?

We believe in the work we do, and the value we bring, to businesses and organisations in Hobart and across Tasmania.

As a small business ourselves, we understand that not everyone can afford (or has the time to manage) a high quality website. In saying this, we don't believe that professional website design in Tasmania should be limited to those who can afford it.

As such, we charge fairly based on our outputs and the type of client we're working with.

We want to be affordable, but also realistic.

We're also selective in who we work with.

The aim of Domin8 Designs isn't to create the next viral trend or spend hours, and your dollars, working on a single page of a website. Instead, we deliver holistic websites that meet expectations and deliver on goals - and then work with our clients to keep them updated.

In conclusion: It's tricky to give a specific cost of a website design.

While 'website packages' give a direct cost, we feel that this setup either benefits the website developer (less work than paid for) or the client (designer works for free as underestimated the scope of work).

Question: I like what Domin8 Designs is about, how do I get started or learn more?

We hope you've gotten a bit of insight into the costs of our websites from this article.

If you're interested in talking about a project or just want to learn more, don't hesitate to get in touch with us via our contact page.

We're also active over on Facebook or Instagram.

Thanks for taking the time to engage with Domin8 Designs!

What's included in your website design cost?
What's included in your website design cost?

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