The Round Up: 3 June 2018

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Winter is officially upon us - so it's a good time share some content that will help get you through the start of the cooler weather.

What I'm Listening To: Tunes that make get you get up and about are essential now - and I'm loving how Cosmo's Midnight achieve this with their music. In particular I've been grooving to "Get To Know" and "Low Key" whether it be at work or during some down time at home.

What Website I'm Checking Out: Hard to go past "Fancy" this edition. One of the staple website's I often check when, well... whenever I need to find cool shit. It's great for accessories, bedroom items, clothing and just generally trendy gear. I often use it for gift ideas inspiration, then search where I can get it locally or even for a cheaper price.

screenshot of the fancy website
The Fancy is well, very fancy for all things gear, clothing and cool items.

iPhone Tip: We all use Instagram nowadays, and I've seen some influencers use "Stop Motion" in their stories to give a different perspective. I searched for ages on how to do this, only to find it's inbuilt into Instagram. Go to create a story, then change the type (down the bottom where 'boomerang', 'live, etc. are) to the very far right which is stop motion. The key for getting these right is keeping the camera still and in the same position.

image showing where to find stop motion on instagram
Find Stop-Motion as the far right style on Instagram Stories.

New Gear: As a user of the DJI Ronin M for my videography work, last week's announcement of the Ronin-S has me drooling. Looks a very tidy device, and with the record start/stop and some focus options inbuilt into the device, I'm very keen to save some coin and upgrade.

What We're Watching: We've rediscovered Samuel Elkins, and have been enjoying his "3 Portrait Hacks in 3 Minutes" video published last week. Great not just for the regular photographer, but even for those on social media to improve your photography game. Check it out below.


That's it for The DomBlog's Round Up on the 3rd June 2018, hope you've found something to make your coming week that little bit better.

- D.

The Round Up: 3 June 2018
The Round Up: 3 June 2018

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