Visualizing Architecture

Sunday, May 1, 2016

As a massive fan of the visualisation side of the architectural world, my first stop is always Visualizing Architecture (VA) - purely just for the amazing results that come out of a simple, really well explained process.

Visualizing Architecture

Alex and his story are also incredibly relatable, and this stems through both his work and the website itself. You can see from the early tutorials, which also informed some techniques I also used in my early university years, just how far the techniques and outcomes have progressed as he's improved his skill and execution in this field.

Visualizing Architecture

The tutorial element to the website is the main highlight, with the final outcomes not only shown - but thoroughly broken down and offering opportunities for individualisation and explanation behind some decisions. Whilst also undoubtably busy, Alex also frequents the comments section to answer any questions. VA has, and continues to be, an inspiration behind my own work, website and blog.

screenshot showing gallery of work

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