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We launched an online store

We've had an eCommerce itch for a while - finally scratching it and starting an online store!

New to the Domin8 Designs website is the "STORE" tab up in the top menu.

Through the process of wanting to start an eCommerce site, we played around with a range of different options which including Webflow's own inbuilt option, Shopify and a few others.

In the end, we settled with Etsy - which we'll will explain why below.

But, we also made the decision to 'double host' our products by also having them on the Domin8 Designs website; utilising the CMS to also create a store.

Why did you start the store?

We've wanted to have an online store since first starting Domin8 Designs, but also wanted to test the waters for a different marketplace both in Tasmania and potentially world wide.

Previously, all our websites and graphics were 'custom designed' - and generally they still are.

However, we also wanted to cater for people who wanted a ready made solution, particularly in the logo or graphic design space, and the shop allows for this.

Further more, it allows us to flex some creative muscle through icon design, invites and document design.

Why have the products on both Etsy and Domin8 Designs?

Previously, we used Shopify's "buy button" to integrate the products into the Domin8 Designs website.

This was useful, however we realised this was limiting in the exposure our digital products could receive.

Enter Etsy.

We found that for the most part, our products fit into Etsy's marketplace well - so can gain better exposure - but still allowed us to link via the Domin8 Designs website.

In short - this gave the best of both worlds.

What are you looking forward to with the store?

We're looking forward to using some free-time to improve our design skills and place these products in the online store.

It also provides an area of 'recycling' concepts that may not make it through the final stages of other jobs.

The social media space continues to grow, and we've also tailored icons to be perfect for Instagram Collection covers and can tailor these to trends.

Similarly, the blog and influencer area is huge at the moment - and we'd love our 'pre-made' websites to speed up the process of bloggers having an elegant, easy to maintain online presence that compliments their socials.

We're also really excited to develop some "Tasmania specific" assets soon - whether it's icons or illustrations.

We were jealous...

In a strange way, our friends and colleagues often have physical 'products' to sell - and we've been jealous.

They have constant content they can share and promote on their Instagram or Facebook.

Selling a 'service', this is hard to do - to generate constant high quality content about what we offer, given it's a made-to-order product.

The store changes this for us, as we can promote our new designs that go online; complimenting the larger work completed for our clients.

How can find the store?

You can find our new venture via the "STORE" tab on the Domin8 Designs website.

As we're also linking through Etsy, you can find the store directly at

As above, we'll also be sharing the designs and updates on the Domin8 Designs Instagram page.

Thanks again for taking the time to read and your support, full steam ahead!

- Dom

We launched an online store
We launched an online store

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