Weekend at Bruny's

Thursday, April 27, 2017

I've been visiting Bruny Island since I was a kid. We're incredibly lucky to have a 'shack' down there, passed on through the generations, that's eventually been converted into what Nan and Pop now call home. 

Whenever I venture down there - often with the family - the focus is always on playing cards and cups of Bushell's tea (two of my favourite pastimes).

Weekend at Bruny's

What was refreshing about this mid-week trip was that the tourist goggles were on.

Andy, who hadn't been down to Bruny for years, wanted to check out some of the tourist hotspots. This provided such an eye-opener in that - we often take for granted the amazing place that we live. Locations that are often within a thirty minute drive become forgotten and under appreciated because, they are easy or everyone else is doing that.

Weekend at Bruny's

With only 48hours at our disposal, we packed in heaps.

The ferry, a cider at the winery, the Cape Bruny Lighthouse, Cloudy Bay and the South Bruny National Park, a visit to the pub, shack time, beach walks, beach runs, night photography, camp fires at the caravan park, bush walk to Fluted Cape... and of course, cups of coffee and tea.

It was a great time away, and of course, both the drone and camera were always close at hand. We're both very keen to enjoy some down time and appreciation in an amazing part of Tasmania again soon. 

You can check out a personal edit of some of the drone and photography in the video below. A special thanks to my grandparents for letting us bunk down for the night - sorry again about the microwave.

Andy caught reflecting on life at the Fluted Cape walk. clear blue waters over adventure bay

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