What I'm Listening To (May 2018)

Thursday, May 10, 2018

When making my own personal videos, people often message and say 'Dom, where do you get your music from?'.

We're a big fan of the Discovery Weekly and Release Radar playlists on Spotify, but sometimes we need to mix it up.

This is where "Selected" comes in - a house based music blog crossed with some electro and chilled tunes.

We find selected is great when you don't want to concentrate on what's playing next, or having to skip over songs - but just want a consistent stream that will get you through a few hours.

Earphones in - we've got Selected. on high rotation at the moment!

Because of this, we find Selected perfect for: 

  • those work power-hours when you need to put the earphones in and focus without distraction;
  • pre-house party build up, for when things are chilled and you need a good mix;

What tunes are we currently loving you ask....

It's a newbie to Selected, but definitely check out the Calippo Remix of Leandro Da Silva's "So Excited". Beyond this, if you're after something a little funky, listen to Yxng Bane - Vroom (T. Matthias Remix). Those needing their mainstream hit can hit up the Hurt Somebody (Alex Adair Remix).

We highly recommend hitting Youtube's "Play All" and enjoying what Selected. has to offer.

If you're on Youtube, feel free to give Domin8 Designs a subscribe to keep up to date with our videography work - we're also aiming to do some more blog-related posts - and appreciate all the support we can get!


- D.

Selected. is a great way to zone out and enjoy some quality tunes.

What I'm Listening To (May 2018)
What I'm Listening To (May 2018)

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