Who To Follow On Instagram This Monday

Monday, May 14, 2018

Starting up The DomBlog gave me a clean slate on Instagram.

This meant not only being able to curate my own account from scratch, but also that the suggestions on who to follow were fresh. No 'here's who your friends are following', 'this is who we recommend' or where they think my interests might lie, just me and my free-to-scroll finger.

Through this, I stumbled across @mountain.stories - a neat collection of inspirational photos organised in a beautiful way.

@mountain.stories is a page I'm digging at the moment

What I really like about Mountain Stories is the quality of the photos, coupled with a minimal, clean approach to not only the captions but the overall page itself.

A personal favourite are the animal pictures, along with the stunning nature snaps from all around the world.

@mountain.stories has a great feed and collection of different images

Being from Tasmania, deer and snow aren't something we experience on a regular basis - so these types of photo always have me double tapping.

It's also a great mix of moody forest shots, with some camping setups and locations that make me want to pack up whatever I'm doing in favour of an immediate road trip.

One our favourite images is this lone deer standing among the tall grass.

If you're after a page to get your road trip juices flowing, or just after some travel or photography inspiration - I'd recommend giving Mountain Stories a follow today.

Follow them here.

- D.

Who To Follow On Instagram This Monday
Who To Follow On Instagram This Monday

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