MyState - Smith Family Appeal

MyState New Town Branch wanted a short, personal video for social media use that promoted their Smith Family Christmas Tree appeal.


A key consideration for the video was how to distill information in a 30-second timeframe, but have a variety of shots to show the genuine nature of the appeal and friendliness of the New Town staff.

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  • corporate filming and feel;
  • easy and relaxed process;
  • quick turn around.
placing a star on the treestar on the treemystate staff membersmystate staff members

Project Wrap

Filming for this project was short and sharp, having been completed in under two hours. Pre-planning by Domin8 Designs and the awesome Jen from Digital Dandy proving useful in keeping the process efficient.

Overall, we're stoked with the final video. We feel it's a great balance of a short timeline yet still contains the required information MyState wanted to portray. 

What makes the video is pairing what you hear with some key considered shots. These are used to visually portray the special nature of the appeal, how to donate as well as sharing the actual faces of the staff you'll see in at the New Town branch.

It was shared by MyState Tasmania's Facebook page within a week of filming, and we thank Lyn, MyState and Digital Dandy for the opportunity to help them share the Smith Family Christmas appeal.

You can check out the video in the player below.

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