Sandra Rerrie Celebrant

Sandra Rerrie Celebrant

Sandra engaged Domin8 Designs to redevelop her existing website, so that it better reflected the values embodied in each and every SRC ceremony.


A competitive market of 'big name' wedding celebrants sees the elegant and timeless approach to weddings often lost within the smoke and mirrors - we wanted to show that Sandra is genuine. The existing website was adequate in providing content, but excessive in communicating the message. The template based design also held back the beautiful messages that could be portrayed to potential couples, matching up with what SRC provides in a ceremony.

  • custom design to match elegant nature;
  • CMS integration for couples and blog;
  • SEO consideration and updates;
  • Ongoing maintenance.
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Project Wrap

From the outset, we created a landing page - the initial experience for visitors - that presents what Sandra Rerrie Celebrant is about - elegant, modern weddings. Succinct text and imagery both tell and show prospectus couples what Sandra offers.

A wedding ceremony is an incredibly special day, but the work behind the scenes is complex. In line with the ethos of Sandra, we wanted to portray a sense of information, but also clarity in the redeveloped site.

We achieved this through a 'content hierarchy' - instead of long rows of text, capturing what is important to say at the start of each body of text and making it stand out visually through size and colour. This enables visitors to easily grab key messages and continue reading if they want.

The website was launched in Novermber 2016, and - proudly - it immediately begun to achieve the intention behind the redesign. Even from feedback, it is so much more apparent and clear what SRC is about - elegant, memorable ceremonies.

Beyond the homepage, which contains snapshots of the primary sections of the websites, the secondary pages provide a consistent look and feel but are informative.

The SRC website uses the inbuilt content management system (CMS) to allow both Domin8 Designs and Sandra to easily edit any content across the website, but also to add additional couples and blog posts when necessary.

Domin8 Designs also worked within Sandra's existing SEO campaign from the previous site to ensure that SEO juice and high rankings weren't lost following the update - a key tick for the project.

We are looking forward to receiving upcoming feedback on the website following it's launch - but most importantly seeing SRC grow off the back of a considered, cost-effective website development by Domin8 Designs.

Update: As of September 2019, Sandra has decided to put her focus into her new venture - Only Orbs, and has temporarily removed the SRC website.

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