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Singleton Consulting & Training

Previously lacking any visible online frontage for the business, Singleton Consulting and Training (SCT) approached Domin8 Designs to start from the beginning designing their website, after previous iterations had been abandoned.


SCT needed a professional website solution to act as the spark for growth and continued development for this professional consultancy and training business within a competitive landscape. As an already established business SCT brought some ideas and direction about what they wanted the new website to achieve, including links to the client portal.

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Welcoming but professional - like SCT.
Project Wrap

The SCT website appears as the primary link on the first page of popular search engines, when using search terms such as consulting, training and hobart. SCT now have a online direction to point their clients towards, both in accessing the learning portal and for promoting the courses they offer

The specific highlighted menu item addresses the problem of existing clients easily accessing the learning portal, drawing upon  familiar user patterns when looking to 'login' to a website, and is further distinguished through the use of a different colour.

Images used on the website were taken during an SCT workshop, reiterating from the outset that SCT's focus is on the people and participants.  The section below the landing area, whilst aiming not to over clutter the space, caters for a secondary way to navigate the website through provoking questions and providing answers which lead to courses on offer by SCT.

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The HOPES Inc website is a professional outcome that also represents the sense of community evident at Laetare Court. The recent update also reflects the focus on their future housing project (FHP).

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State-wide not for profit company Liviende Veranto engaged Domin8 Designs to develop a short video, highlighting their new space for young people with a disability - the Zone.

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