Videography in Hobart and across Tasmania

Short, professional videos that capture and promote your business. Great for social media or use on your website.

What's unique about our videography?

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We develop high quality, punctual videos that suit your target audience.

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Our process is efficient, but relaxed, from filming to receiving the end result.

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We use sliders, gimbals and even drone work to ensure a great product.

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We understand that your video doesn't need to be a feature film.

Meet Luke - Social Short

From footage filmed in 2017, we developed this social media short introducing LAHTH founder Luke Williams.

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Beyond The Snag

Eat Well Tasmania provided some inspiration on how we can all go 'beyond the snag' at our next BBQ.

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2018 Hobart Hurricanes Fans Video

We teamed up with MyState Tasmania again in 2018 to capture the Hobart Hurricanes fans that filled Blundstone Arena stands.

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MyState - Smith Family Appeal

MyState New Town Branch wanted a short, personal video for social media use that promoted their Smith Family Christmas Tree appeal.

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Our videos are great for:

  • Business and sports profiles - embody and share what makes your business or sports club special;

  • A promotional tool - highlight a service or goods you provide;

  • Event recap and highlights - promote the awesome moments of your sports or corporate event;

  • Individual profiles - capture interviews, audio and the inner workings of an office to share with staff;

  • Residential walkthroughs - our gimbal ensures smooth, professional footage great for real estate and architectural use;

  • Business profiles - capture interviews, audio and the inner workings of an office to share with staff;

Our videos can be used on:

  • Facebook pages;

  • Websites;

  • Newsletter blasts;

  • Instagram promotions;

  • Corporate send outs;


  • Smooth, professional footage captured with our gimbal/stabaliser;

  • A camera slider that is great for product promos;

  • Slow motion footage to really highlight key moments;

  • Drone footage (where applicable) to get that different point of view;

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does a video cost?

For a 1:30-2:00min video, the approximate cost starts at $400.

This includes an estimated two hours of filming, development of the video and any small changes you may have. It also includes a commercial audio track to be able to share the video publicly.

Each video is different though, so get in touch and we can provide you with a quote for your job.

Q: What's included in your videos?

Correspondence, filming, developing the video, adding audio, iterations and providing you the finished file for your use is all included in each job.

Q: Do you do short videos for Instagram?

Absolutely, we enjoy working with the shorter requirements.

Q: Do you film weddings?

We do, and love being able to capture and share a couples special day. We will also be creating a specific page for this soon, but you can check out Sam and Meg's wedding or Arianna and Dwayne's videos.

Q: How long does it take to develop a video?

We do, and love being able to capture and share a couples special day. Head to our project page to view our wedding videos - we'll also be creating a specific page for this soon.

Looking to see more of our work?

Our project page is filled with all the recent work we have done for a range of great clients.