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Who We Are

About Us

We're a website and graphic design business located in Hobart. 

Domin8 Designs was established in 2014, after recognising that not everyone has the capabilities, time or knowledge required to produce and maintain a quality website.

We saw an opportunity to use our passion for design to assist these businesses, clubs, organisations and individuals.

Through our skills and creativity, we meet the online goals and needs of every client; enabling those who would otherwise miss out to have a quality, up to date website at an affordable cost.

Core values

We always strive to...

  • 01.

    Meet the goals of the client

  • 02.

    Keep the process as simple as possible

  • 03.

    Allow website visitors to achieve their goals

  • 04.

    Treat every project, and outcome, as unique

  • 05.

    Exceed expectations

  • 06.

    Be humble - let the quality speak for itself

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Creative Director 

Dominic (M.Arch, B.Env. Des.)

Dominic graduated with a Bachelor of Environmental Design (2012, UTAS) and Master of Architecture (2014, UTAS), and also has interests design, photography and videography. He is coach for a running group of kids.


Process Study: Domin8 Designs Logo

A review of our recent website updates provoked thoughts about the foundation of Domin8 Designs, and coming up with a logo to define a new business.


Bruny Footage in May

Jumping out of home for a week provided a great opportunity to capture a glimpse of the Island as it changes through the seasons.