Frequently Asked Questions

We answer some of the common questions associated with our website and graphic design services.

How much can I edit/change myself on my website?

This is a great question and a common one! You can do around 80% of the necessary tasks yourself such as editing existing content, adding new blog posts, changing images etc.

There are somethings that Webflow doesn't easily enable, such as adding new pages or menu links - but there's a good reason, and work arounds to most drawbacks.

You can read more about it on our specific blog post on What You Can And Can't Do With Webflow's Website Editor.

What does Domin8 Designs do to help my SEO?

Domin8 Designs loves seeing the benefits a considered SEO campaign brings to businesses in Tasmania.

Our comprehensive SEO analysis is done by hand (not by bots) which informs your current standings, then we use our knowledge and SEO expertise in Tasmania to develop strategies and tactics - all of which are measured to ensure results can be tracked.

This includes on page SEO strategies, such as keyword and search terms, as well as off page SEO including meta titles, descriptions and technical elements like image optimisation.

We also provide video reports on a monthly basis to break down the work done - as well as the most important bit, the progress.

Can you guarantee I'll rank number 1 on Google?

Unfortunately it's near impossible to guarantee anything with SEO due to a range of external factors, particularly that number one ranking for competitive keywords.

While number one ranking is a positive, if the website content and visitor experience behind that website isn't great - then this position wont be sustainable.

Domin8 Designs identify real opportunities that can benefit your business and implement strategies to help achieve these goals. We've seen some excellent SEO results including top positions for terms such as 'trout fishing season Tasmania' and our own 'website design hobart' (yep, search it!)

Do I need SEO for my business in Tasmania?

When 9/10 online enquiries start with search engine searches - getting found in search engines is as important as ever.

Most if not all Tasmanian businesses can benefit from SEO including getting found in front of your competitors, increasing traffic and improving sales of your products and services.

If you're interested in learning more, we've written a specific post on whether Tasmanian businesses need SEO in 2022.

How long does it take to create a website?

It's important to note each website is different based on specification and requirements.

As a general rule of thumb, it takes around six to eight weeks to create a website that is ready to publish live.

Some aspects that can affect timeframes however include receiving content from a client, requested amendments as well as additional or advanced features etc.

What is SEO?

We define SEO, or search engine optimisation, as a combination of strategies you can perform on your website that aim to improve the experience for both visitors and search engines.

SEO is an effective tool that small businesses and not for profit organisations can tap into and has a range of benefits including improving search engine rankings and traffic to your website as well as increased brand awareness.

We've written a comprehensive post on SEO for small business in Tasmania which breaks down the benefits a bit more and how you can leverage SEO.

How does website hosting work?

We use Webflow's in-built hosting to store the files that make up a website.

Sometimes - other platforms require you to host files externally, meaning you have to export everything manually each time you want to update your website. This opens up the opportunity for errors if files aren't organised in an appropriate way, has additional security vulnerabilities not to mention the additional cost.

Using Webflow's hosting means that that everything is managed in one place, making things simple along with using a fast and secure server.

It also enables the editor and content management system - allowing changes and updates to be made easily and quickly.

You can learn more at

How long does SEO take to work?

Generally, the impacts of good search engine optimisation can take between 3-6 months to see online - however this depends on how much competition there is, what industry your business is in and other factors.

Unfortunately 'ranking number one on Google' isn't something that can happen overnight or can ever be promised.

At Domin8 Designs, we're about creating campaigns that are achievable and can maximise the benefits SEO may have for your business.

Do you purchase domain names?

We often use Crazy Domains to register a domain name, then use our technical skills to link your website to your new or existing domain.

You can purchase a domain yourself if you'd like to keep this in house, or we can do this for you.

Who has ownership of my website?

All websites sit under Domin8 Design's Webflow account, which is done to reduce the cost to clients and make things as easy as possible.

You'll have access to the website via the client Editor, which enables you to do most if not all of the basic tasks you'll require to maintain your website.

Domin8 Designs regularly backs up and exports the coding and content of a website, meaning that if need be, you can always upload these files to an external host and your website will be retained.

If you want complete ownership, this is completely fine - Domin8 Designs can transfer your website over to your own Webflow account giving you 100% access to the website (the only reason we don't do this for every client is that 90% of the time, they don't need to see the developer side of Webflow - we like to keep things simple!).

Can you setup email?

While we focus on website design, we can assist clients who also need help setting up an email address.

We don't advocate for one system over another, however we're really comfortable both setting up, and using, Gmail through Google's GSuite. We link this in with the clients domain so you can have specific emails. We've also found it an affordable, reliable service.

*Update: We've just written this blog post on how you can setup your own business email using your domain name and Gmail.