Client Update: Backend Changes In Early 2021

January 12, 2021

A quick update for Domin8 Designs clients regarding backend work that will be performed across January 2021.

Dominic here - a warm welcome to the New Year and trust you had a safe and enjoyable festive break.

A quick update to let clients of Domin8 Designs know that I’ll be doing some updates to the backend infrastructure of all websites over the next two weeks.

Webflow, the platform used to create and host your website, have made some changes from their end with the aim of improving website speeds and download times. The maintenance is to implement these changes across each website.

In short - I’m doing some backend updates to make your website even faster.

Client Question - Is there anything I need to do?

For most, there’s nothing that you need to do - this is just a courtesy post to let you know that these changes are being made through the back end. For client’s whose domain name Domin8 Designs manages, I can manage all of these changes internally.

Those who have different domain providers (Operand, Go Daddy, Ventra IP, Netregistry etc.), I should have access to these - however may need to contact you, or the provider on your behalf, to make these changes.

Client Question - Will I experience any down time?

You shouldn’t experience any down time.

The existing records that your websites are currently on will still be maintained and work, the changes are to further improve the backend infrastructure. You can read about it at

Work in 2021

Domin8 Designs is full steam ahead in 2021 - I’m aiming to be more hands on in assisting with things such as website updates and content this year, however wanted to also reach out that if you’ve got any ideas or work required; please get in touch so I can schedule and prioritise this.

As always, thanks for your ongoing support and looking forward to touching base sometime soon.

- Dom

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