License Agreement

We want to make it easy for you to license our digital assets properly for your business or project.
Revision date: July 2020

Overview - Domin8 Designs Graphics License

When you purchase a Design Graphic (aka a license) from the Domin8 Designs store, you may not be the sole purchaser of that design. In other words, the design that you're buying is not exclusive to you and the same logo can be used by someone else.

1. General Terms

1. The Domin8 Designs Graphics License gives you, the purchaser, an ongoing, non-exclusive, worldwide license to use the Design Graphic (i.e. what you've purchased) in one 'Final Works'. A 'Final Works' is a customised implementation of the Design Graphic. As an example, the 'Final Works' is a logo or document with your business or organisations information replacing the generic content.

2. What you can do with the Design Graphic

You can make any number of copies of the Design Graphic and use it in unlimited ways. As an example, you can use the 'Final Works' on branding, business cards, letterheads and websites.

You can combine the 'Final Works' with other work.

If you want to create or change any element of the 'Final Works', you will need to purchase another license. For example, you cannot change the text or colours of the 'Final Works' after it has been provided by Domin8 Designs.

3. What you can't do with the Design Graphic

You can't drastically modify or change the 'Final Works' without permission of Domin8 Designs or purchasing another license.

You can’t re-distribute the 'Final Works' or original Design Graphic as stock or as a template.

Unless expressed to Domin8 Designs, you can’t claim any exclusive right to use the 'Final Works', which includes not claiming trademark rights or copyright in the 'Final Works' and not applying to register the 'Final Works' as a trademark anywhere.

4. Transfer of the 'Final Works' from Domin8 Designs to client

Upon purchase of the Design Graphic from the Domin8 Designs store, Domin8 Designs will contact you seeking additional information to create the 'Final Works'.  

5. Aside

You can only use the 'Final Works' for lawful purposes.

This license applies in conjunction with the Domin8 Designs Terms of Service. If there is inconsistency between this license and the Terms of Service, this license will apply to the extent necessary to resolve any inconsistency.

The license can be terminated if you breach it. In the case that a license is breached and terminated, you must stop using the 'Final Works' and remove all instances of it.

Domin8 Designs remains the author of the 'Final Works' and as such, retains ownership of the 'Final Works' unless otherwise arranged. Domin8 Designs grants you the license on these terms.

6. Contact

For more information, please contact