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Technique is an elegant, minimal design great for bloggers and product sellers.

Elegant Design

Technique features an elegant design, paired up with some subdued colours and minimalistic fonts that offer something different for your visitors.

Blogging Features

Grow your following with the inbuilt, included blogging platform - handled by Webflow's CMS. It's super easy to add and edit content, then share it with your followers on social media. Hosting is also included!

eCommerce Options

If you're looking to sell products, for an additional cost we can both setup, and activate, a custom designed eCommerce platform. If this isn't something you want immediately, it can be added in the future.

Want a demo?

We've developed a working demo for you to preview (demo not available for graphics items).

Please note this is a rough mockup and some areas may not be resolved or finalised. Colours and fonts can be changed, and page information or sections can be slightly modified to suit your needs. We can also add pages or areas to suit your needs at an additional cost. Just let us know after purchasing.

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What's included in your purchase?

Included in your purchase are the following features and information:

General Features:

  • fully designed and developed website ready for your content input;
  • full website hosting with Webflow (12months);
  • mobile and tablet responsive views for the design;
  • access to client editor to add or edit ongoing content;
  • tutorial documentation and/or video for inputting your content;
  • up to 2 hours support for any challenges or assistance;
  • ongoing support for an affordable cost.


  • Homepage
  • About Page
  • Blog Page (including individual blog pages);
  • Contact Page

Additional Options:

  • eCommerce Functionality;
  • Content input by Domin8 Designs (up to 2 hours if paid for upon purchase);
  • Change colour, font;
  • Small amendments to pages;

What's not included:

  • Images and/or video that you see in the demo;
  • Domain name purchase;
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Editable options

We can edit each template with colours and fonts to suit your brand.

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Responsive website designs

Our website designs adapt for mobiles and tablets, meaning your website will function on any device.

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No coding required

Our website designs will be pre-built in Webflow, meaning all that's required is inputting and changing content.

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We're here to help out

If you ever get stuck or need a hand - we're here to help and don't charge an arm and a leg.

How does this work?

1. Purchase Template

Our templates give an indication of the look and feel of a website or design. Start by purchasing a site or requesting some more information.

2. We Get Developing

Once purchased, we finalise the development of your website or graphic and make any colour/font changes.

3. Input Of Content

For graphics: we'll input your information and colours. For website: we will provide access for you to input your content.

4. Go Live

Once completed, we'll check over the website or graphic. For websites: we'll activate the hosting and for graphics: we'll send through the finished files for your use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to know how to code websites?

No, all our websites are pre-built in Webflow and all that's required is inputting or changing content. If there's major changes required immediately or in the future, we do so at an affordable cost.

Do I need to purchase anything else for a website to work?

You'll need to purchase a domain name (or URL) for your website, which we can help with. Hosting with Webflow is included for 12months in the cost, see here for more information.

Are stock image or videos included?

No, unfortunately these are not included. You will need to replace these with your own content.

How long does it take to receive my design?

After purchase, it will take approximately one week for your website or graphic to be developed ready for those who want to input their own content. Those who want Domin8 Designs to enter content require around three weeks after receiving content, however each is different.

Do you help and offer support?

Yes, we're on hand to help through out the process and will provide documentation and/or videos that detail how to input or edit content.

Why is Webflow better than other website platforms?

Each platform has their own strength and weaknesses. We love Webflow as it offers complete design freedom, yet is still really (really) easy to add, edit and input content.

Who owns my website?

To save costs, all sites sit under Domin8 Designs Webflow account. If you want full control, you can pay for your own Webflow account and we can transfer your site across.

What can I change?

All text and images can be changed. For websites can add blog posts/news items/eCommerce products etc. that are relevant to each site. If you want to change colours and fonts, just let Domin8 Designs know.

What are the costs after the website is launched?

In theory, the only ongoing cost is for the hosting. Domin8 Designs offers affordable ongoing costs if you'd like us to help maintain your website, or if you'd like to add additional pages or features in the future.

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$ 800.00 AUD