Knockoffs Run Club

Knockoffs Run Club has emerged as one of Hobart's biggest social running groups - and felt a website would help keep up with their rapid growth.
Knockoffs Run Club

Project Type

New Website


Andrew Goyen

Project Features

  • website design and development;
  • responsive design;
  • parallax scrolling effect;
  • CMS integration for upcoming runs, KORC team.

Project Problem Statement

The Knockoffs website balances two goals - providing up to date information to their strong existing runner-base, as well as an attractive and informative hub that invites new members to join.

Project Conclusion

The Knockoffs Run Club (KORC) website was launched in February 2022 and was an instant hit with members of Hobart's best run club.

Through their social media channels, KORC have been able to directly link to, and promote, the specific upcoming runs - thanks to Webflow's CMS generating unique URL links for each of these as setup by Domin8 Designs.

Visually, the website taps into the strong community nature through big imagery (captured by the awesome Eloise Warren) and some subtle interactions that help give it an edge; including the parallax scrolling effect on the homepage.

KORC founder Andrew was able to utilise the Webflow editor to jump in and input the content himself once the pages and architecture of the website was setup, and was aided by Domin8 Designs to facilitate specific requests - for example, the interlinking sweeper/run leader on the upcoming runs pages.

The upcoming run area is the crux of the website - and includes features such as date filtering to ensure that Andrew can easily jump in and update the upcoming runs, as well as field areas such as 'course features', long and short overviews and in the future course videos.

The 'About KORC' page also features Webflow's CMS to handle the team area, while a strong CTA (call to action) is present on each page to invite visitors to check out the upcoming runs or learn how Knockoffs works.

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