Beijing Reflection

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

If you'd asked me where I thought my first overseas trip would be, China would not have been within the top 100. Yet, on my birthday in early 2015 having graduated from my Masters university degree only a few months before, the "Book Now" button was pressed confirming my first trip - destination Beijing.

Beijing Reflection

I was fortunate enough to go as a part of a travel group to watch the IAAF World Championships, held at the National Stadium - aka the Birds Nest. This was an incredibly eye opening and amazing experience, witnessing some of the world's best athletes take to the track and field. Beyond the athletic program, we also got to become warriors - conquering what felt like a large area, but in reality was very small area of the Great Wall of China.

Beijing Reflection

Overall, the trip was such an enriching time. Culturally and socially, such a different and diverse place to home. There were many lifelong memories from the trip, with a great group of people, and I'm looking forward to my next venture overseas.

It is very amateur, however I have compiled a recap video of some of the moments below.

long photo of the great wall of chinaThe Forbidden City image

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