Lend A Hand To Hugo

Lend A Hand To Hugo

A highlights video for the Lend a hand to Hugo - All Star Bash; a charity cricket game to raise awareness and funds for children affected by the autism spectrum disorder.


Through the growing awareness of the great cause that is Lend A Hand To Hugo, Luke wanted a way to share the highlights and messages behind the All Star Bash through the videography medium.

View live projectPerspective played an important role in enabling viewers to feel like they were at the event.The star was, of course, Hugo! Access on the field enabled the Domin8 Designs team to get up close to some of the action. Access on the field enabled the Domin8 Designs team to get up close to some of the action.

Project Wrap

The LAHTH video was an awesome success, quickly reaching nearly 4,500 views on Facebook.

With a multitude of activities across the afternoon, it was important to grab snippets of each, but not to linger - particularly as the focus was on both the cause and the cricket. 

The combination of close, intimate footage with the aerial shots gives a good sense of being at the event - which was one of the key drivers.

Stories to tell

Hearing from both Luke's was a great addition to the video, as - particularly hearing from founder of LAHTH Luke Williams - it sets up just how special the cause is and how much it means to both the guys.

Of course, Hugo!

Hugo was great on the day, revelling in his love for cricket and spending time with friends. He was often buzzing about with a smile on his face, and we feel that capturing this on camera helps creating the connection between the person at the centre of the event and why it's happening.

We'd like to thank Luke for the opportunity to be a part of the 2017 LAHTH All Star Bash, and look forward to continuing to work with the team to continue to share the message and awareness.

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